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I can’t say I’ve stayed on top of my blog but I shall try to get back on with it as I actually find the blog therapeutic. Currently I’m facing my first adult problem, the oven and the hob are broken and it’ll be a while before I get real food again. I have decidedContinue reading “Routine”

Life in Lockdown

As a person in Britain, Life is going by so slowly as I’m thinking about the plans I have for after the lockdown. I’d say my resolve has slightly chipped away and I’ve had to think long and hard about why I’m doing this. The outcome. TO INSPIRE MYSELF If I can’t inspire myself toContinue reading “Life in Lockdown”

Day of positives

So today has been very productive as I cleaned the apartment (my bits anyway), did Just dance and an Instagram live. My daily life for me is an achievement as most days I want to stay in a dark room and not become overwhelmed. My brain wants to do everything all at once and thenContinue reading “Day of positives”

5 days of workouts

I’m on day 5 of working out and have nice routine going which helps me get through the day (yay). Today I left the house again but it’s a Friday and there where lots more people and I disliked it. My objective for this outing to find some more colourful fitness wear and I foundContinue reading “5 days of workouts”

My Christmas list

So today I went window shopping for Christmas because I wanted to get out the house and also to get a list to order online. With the way the British government is acting about covid and taking Christmas away as a punishment instead of actually letting the economy live. Being in my apartment was quiteContinue reading “My Christmas list”

Exercise and me

Now I’m probably the most unfit person currently which isn’t fun as I used to play football and was generally quite healthy. My down fall last Christmas there was so much drama on my college course and I turned to stress eating (not my best idea). Then lockdown happened and my summer had good momentsContinue reading “Exercise and me”

Cooking with a twist

Today’s evening meal was weird as I had meant to get out frozen beef but didn’t and there was no stock cubes (what a disaster). Luckily I had hot dogs so substituted the beef mince which made it surprisingly nice. I decided to put it on Instagram live and I talked about how some cookbooksContinue reading “Cooking with a twist”


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